Social Media Marketing Is Not Always About Promoting Products

Can you define what social media marketing really is? In a nutshell, social media marketing is everything you do online. Responding to a comment on your blog, or on one of the social websites. Chatting in a forum, or just creating a profile on a social bookmarking site. These are all forms social media marketing.

Sure, there are some forms that are more aggressive. Some sites, like twitter, encourage a degree of aggressive marketing – so long as you don’t go overboard. Other sites provide a path to social media marketing in ways you may not even consider to be social media marketing. However, as I mentioned, everything you do online could be considered some form of social media marketing.

So, here is a question. Do you employ people to work for you? Yes, or perhaps you are considering doing so sometime soon. If you are then consider building a company profile on LinkedIn. Whilst the angle is employment – it is still another social media marketing tool – in this case, a tool to promote your company’s image as an employer.

How will this help you into the future? With the internet being so widespread, a company’s image in the future will not just center on their products or their services. We have already seen in the offline world how important pressure groups are. Company’s with poor employment practices, poor environmental issues and poor community values have been dealt crippling blows by these pressure groups.

I can see the same happening online with perhaps a greater intensity. If you have an opportunity to promote any of those areas, I suggest you take it with both hands and let the world know how well you handle these issues.

LinkedIn is set up to allow professionals to come together as an online social community. With this in mind, LinkedIn has also decided that allowing companies to publish profiles related to employment is the next logical step. From a company point of view, you can use it to promote your company values, employment opportunities (even if you have no current vacancies) and of course a little about the business and its products – a complete social media marketing package.

There are many other sites that you could develop profiles on to highlight certain aspects of your company. If you have a particularly good environmental record then look for specialist sites in that area. Likewise, if you are a good community business that supports local (or national) causes unselfishly, promote that through the many forums available. You can even find groups devoted to these issues on sites such as Facebook.

The bottom line. Don’t look for social media marketing opportunities in the obvious places. Show the online world you are a good corporate citizen and the end result is a level of trust that goes beyond simple social media marketing and product (or service) promotions.

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