Social Marketing – Would You Let A Customer Order Via Twitter?

Twitter is becoming a powerful social marketing tool for business both big and small. In fact, Twitter has recognised this themselves and now offer a Twitter 101 Guide for Business. A sub-domain dedicated to helping businesses use Twitter to further their business.

Some businesses allow their customers to order using Twitter – Would you? Whilst I wouldn’t be ordering a new truck via Twitter, coffee, sandwiches, pizzas – the range of options is endless – could be viable options. What makes Twitter a little different to other social marketing channels is that users welcome the marketing.

They must do. This is one form of marketing that is probably better than double opt-in email confirmed newsletter subscription lists. Users have to “follow” you to receive any material. Of course, if they don’t like what they receive, they can simply “un-follow” you. When they follow you, users know they are likely to receive marketing material of some description.

If you are new to Twitter then their business page has to be essential reading. It is at least a good start on what Twitter is about, how you can use it, and what benefits you are likely to see. Twitter isn’t be-all and end-all of social marketing, but it’s coming pretty close.

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