SEO Is Like Building A New Home

SEO is not a one time job – it is like building a new home and note that I say ‘home’ and not ‘house’. Like all good homes, it doesn’t start with just rock solid foundations. It is much more involved than that and the earlier you can involve the various experts, the more solid your home will be.

A rock solid home starts with an architect helping you with the design. The same is true of an online presence except your blueprint includes more than just designing a website. You need a direction, a ‘reason for being’ if you like. Once your vision and your long term aims are in place, you can look to the actual design of your web pages – this then is not just the foundations but the building itself. However, we still don’t have a home – all we have is an empty building.

Once the building has been completed, we load it all up with our furniture and personal bits and pieces. For a web site, this is similar to loading it with content, advertising, external and internal links and a myriad of other bits and pieces. Like most homes, we often take with us odds and ends that should really have been sent to the dump ages ago. At least with a new website we don’t, or shouldn’t have, any excess baggage.

Now comes the hard part. We have our house, it is full of our belongings. How do we turn that into a home. That takes the human element. We move in ourselves. Big businesses don’t have that human element yet it is the one thing that most people want. Small businesses have a distinct advantage in that they can inject themselves into their web sites to make them more human.

Like all new homes, once you move in you need to contact everyone to tell them of a change of address. For a website owner, you need to tell everyone you exist. This is where the SEO consultant starts to shine. You don’t just notify the search engines, you make contact with other webmasters, visit forums, perhaps a little social media marketing, directory listings and perhaps some article submissions.

Now you have a happy home and everyone knows where to find you. However, like all new homes, there are the little things that continually need tweaking until you are happy. Move the sofa here, oops, forgot to tell Aunt Sally where to find us. Once you get to the stage where you are happy with your new home, it is time to start the maintenance. SEO is exactly the same. There is always the need for a little tweaking here and there, but ongoing maintenance quickly becomes the norm.

SEO never has been, and never will be, a set and forget exercise. To ensure your sites rank well, treat them like you would a home, constant maintenance with a very occasional makeover. Your home will last for ever just as your web pages will continue to rank in the search results.

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